Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

Prestressed slabs may be an optimal solution when overcoming substantial loads over large spans. Therefore, they find purpuse in the construction of sports facilities. Slabs above sports courts, pools or supporting structures of basins are all examples of solutions which use this technology. Unlike prefabricated components made of reinforced or pre-tensioned concrete, which require cranes with considerable load capacity and overhang, post-tensioned slabs are carried out with the use of common construction equipment. 


Tendos have been used for years in construction of wide-span roofing. Cabled structures find uses in the roofing of sports, exhibition, industrial and multi-purpose facilities. PT tendons are also used as tension members of truss structures. A much more advanced application of this technology are tensile spatial structures. A specific type of such a use would be, for example, a hyperbolic paraboloid shaped roof, where strand tendons are employed as supporting and tensioning cables, whilst also serving as a support for the roof covering. Such roofs are characterised by a modern form, yet a low construction height. The Orlen Arena in Płock,  Arena Gliwice and The "Hala Mistrzów" of Anwil Wrocławek are all instances of structures made with the use of BBR tendons. 


Prestressed slabs on grade have proven themselves excellent in sports buildings construction as the foundation of sports fields or tennis courts. The resulting surface is durable, flat and not susceptible to uneven settlements. In BBR Polska we have both knowledge and experience in the designing and complex execution of such structures. 

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