HiEx CONA Saddles

HiEx CONA Saddles

BBR HiEx is a saddle system for both suspended and extradosed bridges. The system completely eliminates the problems associated with standard friction saddles and, at the same time, allows for a compact and slender pylon. From a technical standpoint the HiEx Saddle is a fusion between the BBR CONA CMI internal post-tensioning system and the BBR HiAm CONA strand stay cable system. 


BBR HiEx CONA saddle


Key features of the HiEx CONA saddle system:

  • Highest capacity and widest range of saddles available on the international marketplace
  • Saddle sizes up to 217 strands with a breaking strength of over 60,000kN
  • Optimised for 15.7mm diameter, 1,860 MPa strand
  • No slippage and 100% differential load transfer across the saddle
  • No fatigue or fretting fatigue at any point of the saddle
  • Superior fatigue resistance with BBR Benchmark testing above and beyond international standards and recommendations
  • System assessed and in compliance with the latest recommendations from fib, CIP (Setra) and ETAG 013
  • Highest possible corrosion protection with an advanced fully independent and redundant water tightness system
  • Easy inspection and replacement of all load-carrying elements
  • Independent installation/replacement of left/right cables and single strand installation/replacement
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