HiAm CONA strand stay cable system

HiAm CONA strand stay cable system

The HiAm CONA strand stay cable system is a parallel strand stay cable solution designed for applications which require a high static and fatigue resistance. This system is primarily used for cable-stayed bridges, arch objects and wide-span roofs.  HiAm CONA meets international requirements  and recommendations including fib Bulletin 89, fib Bulletin 30 as well as PTI and CIP (Setra). 


HiAm CONA stay cable system


Key features of HiAm CONA:

  • Highest capacity, most compact and widest range of anchorage sizes available on the market
  • Cable size up to 217 strands with a breaking strength of over 60,000kN
  • A system optimised for strands with a 15.7mm nominal diameter and a durability of 1,860 MPa 
  • Complies with the newest requirements of fib Bulletin 89, PTI and CIP (Setra)
  • Excellent fatigue resistance based on BBR Benchmark criteria, far exceeding international requirements 
  • Superior bending fatigue resistance – 2 million cycles with an angular deviation of ±0.6° plus a further 0.25 million cycles at ±1.4°
  • Highest level of corrosion protection including a fully independent waterproof system, no compressive force activation required
  • Strand by strand installation
  • Single strand replacements 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Compact protective pipes for extra-long stay cables
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