CONA CMO onion anchorages

CONA CMO onion anchorages

The European assessed and CE marked CONA CMO is a passive, post-tensioning anchorage multi-strand  system. 

CONA CMO onion anchorage
The European assessed CONA CMO post-tensioning anchorage is a multi-strand technology with a flat array of onion-bulb strand ends for internally bonded post-tensioned applications particularly in very thin concrete cross-sections such as slabs. Typical applications include car parks, apartment buildings, commercial office space, retail centers and distribution warehouses.

CONA CMO onion anchorage


Key features of the CONA CMO system:

  • Standard tendon sizes from 2 to 6 strands
  • Optimised for 15.7 mm diameter, 1,860 MPa strand
  • No anti-bursting or splitting reinforcement required at anchorage
  • Innovative clip-lock strand spacer 
  • Very small centre spacings and edge distances at the anchorages
  • Application of full post-tensioning force possible at concrete strengths of 21/26 MPa)
  • European Technical Assessment and CE marking