Post-tensioning system CONA CMM

Post-tensioning system CONA CMM

The European assessed CONA CMM internal unbonded post-tensioning system consisting of 1,2 or 4 strands (monostrands). Typical applications include car park slabs, prestressed flooring, silos, containers, repairs and reinforcements. 

CONA CMM Single S1

CONA CMM Single S2

CONA CMM Single S1 Coupler H

CCONA CMM Single S2 Coupler T & Intermediate anchorage C


CONA CMM Four Coupler H


Key features of CONA CMM:

  • Compact light-weight anchorages available in two sizes which are optimized for either 12.9 mm or 15.7 mm diameter, 1,860 MPa strand
  • CMM S2 anchorages are available in a variant without reinforcing the pressure zone.
  • Application of full post-tensioning force at very low concrete strengths
  • Minor distances between respective anchorages and edge distances 
  • Monolithic coupling anchorage with an integrated, preinstalled wedge (CONA CMM Single S2 system)
  • Superior corrosion protection ensured with the use of monostrands and PE casings within the transition zone by the anchorage
  • Fixed couplers available
  • Possible implementation as a system of single strand bonded tendons (CONA CMM Single) 
  • Anchorages with possibilities of restressing and replacement
  • European Technical Assessment and CE marking
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