Post-tensioning bars

Post-tensioning bars

Post-tensioning bars are most commonly produced from steel grade  1 030 MPa or 1050 MPa. The thread is either hot-rolled or cold-extruded, usually throughout the entirety of the rod. The system is completed with flat or spherical nuts as well as with couplers. The usual implementations of this solution include both long and short term prestressing, for example tightening launch noses into the superstructure of bridge structures or deviators and retaining blocks of exterior tendons in strengthened structures. 

Post-tensioning bar


Key features of post-tensioning bars:

  • The range of available diameters between 20 mm and 75 mm (typical applications between 25 mm and 50 mm)
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength of 1 030 MPa or 1 050 MPa 
  • No limits to the length of the tendon thanks to system connectors and threading the entirety of the rods  
  • Available anchorages with both flat and spherical nuts
  • Bearing plates can adapt to be based on concrete without the need of anti-bursting reinforcing (strengthened structures) 
  • Could be applied as an internal unbonded system
  • European Technical Assessment and CE marking
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