BBR VT CONA CMF flat anchorage post-tensioning system

BBR VT CONA CMF flat anchorage post-tensioning system

The European assessed flat anchorage CONA CMF post-tensioning system is a multi-strand technology for internally post-tensioned bonded or unbonded applications in ultra-thin concrete cross-sections. Typical applications include car parks, apartment buildings, commercial office space, retail centers, distribution warehouses and bridge deck slabs.




CONA CMF S1 Coupler H (fixed & movable)

CONA CMF S2 Coupler K (fixed)



Key features:

  • Anchorages available with configurations from 2 up to 6 strands
  • Compact lightweight anchorages optimized for either 12.9 mm or 15.7 mm diameter, 1,860 MPa strand
  • Application of full post-tensioning force at very low concrete strengths fcm,0 = 17/23MPa (CONA CMF S1)
  • Advanced proprietary load transfer element for very small tendon center spacings, concrete edge distances and slab thickness’
  • Fixed couplers for joining tendons
  • Corrugated or smooth flat tendon duct utilizing either galvanized steel or plastic material
  • For bonded applications the ducts are filled with high performance BBR grout
  • For unbonded applications the ducts can be injected with grease/wax or circulating dry air
  • Restressable & exchangeable tendons perfectly suited to long-term inspection and maintenance
  • System is compatible with greased and HDPE sheathed monostrands
  • European Technical Assessment and CE marking
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