BBR VT CONA CME external post-tensioning system

BBR VT CONA CME external post-tensioning system

The European assessed CONA CME post-tensioning system is the ultimate multi-strand technology for all types of externally post-tensioned applications. The standard tendon sizes range from 1 to 31 strands and can be extended up to 73 strands. CONA CME can be applied for the prestressing of bridges, precast segmental construction and repair and strengthening works of all kind of structures.



CONA CME K and H Coupler (fixed)

CONA CME monostrand with grout infill


Key features:

  • Standard tendon sizes from 1 to 31 strands, larger sizes on request
  • Widest range of tendon sizes with the largest tendon forces available on the international marketplace
  • Optimised for 15.7 mm diameter, 1,860 MPa strand
  • The most compact & light-weight system available utilizing an advanced proprietary load transfer element for very small tendon centre spacings and concrete edge distances at the anchorages
  • Application of full post-tensioning force at very low concrete strengths (fcm,0 = 19/23 MPa)
  • Fixed couplers for joining tendons
  • Smooth round tendon duct utilizing either steel or HDPE material
  • The ducts can be injected with either a high performance BBR grout or grease/wax. Greased and HDPE sheathed monostrands in grout filled ducts are also possible
  • Restressable & exchangeable tendons perfectly suited for long-term inspection and maintenance
  • Fully encapsulated and electrically isolated tendons offer the highest level of corrosion protection possible
  • European Technical Assessment and CE marking
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