Post-tensioned slabs on grade

Post-tensioned slabs on grade

 Post-tensioned slabs on grade are an excellent solution for industrial warehouse surfaces, industrial areas, and any other areas subjected to heavy loads. In such cases, the fatigue strength of the slab structure is crucial for trouble-free operation during its service life. The use of concrete slabs with "dispersed reinforcement" or traditionally shrinkage-reinforced slabs often proves far from ideal in practice. It is worth mentioning that post-tensioned slabs on grade are often referred to as "industrial jointless floors," which highlights one of their many exceptional aspects.

Users of industrial floors are well aware that construction costs are usually not the only costs involved. Post-tensioned slabs are more durable than reinforced concrete slabs, exhibiting much slower wear and/or abrasion. As a result, they are unrivaled in terms of the overall cost, considering both construction and maintenance.

Key features of BBR post-tensioned slabs on grade:

  • No joints or cuts 
  • No scratches or deformations during service life 
  • Flexibility in case of short-term overload 
  • Quick construction time 
  • Ability to achieve large continuous concrete surface areas (typically up to 3,000 m2)
  • High load capacity 
  • Reduced thickness 
  • Waterproofness 
  • Low maintenance costs
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