BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connector stay cable connector system

BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connector stay cable connector system

The BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connector is a stay cable connector system. It allows for cables to be connected to a structure, modelled in the simplest way possible, whilst also granting the ability of rotation around the selected axis. 


BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connector 


Key features of the HiAm CONA Pin Connector system:

  • Aesthetic design
  • Simplified connecting mechanism, suitable for smaller pylons
  • Greatly reduced susceptibility to bending from both wind and service loads 
  • Excellent manufacturing tolerances given the system’s ability to rotate around its own axis
  • Strand by strand installation or installation of complete cables possible
  • An inspection window available to inspect the anchoring wedges
  • system fatigue properties and corrosion protection the same as in the BBR HiAm CONA 
  • Low maintenance costs
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