Macalloy 460/520 bar tendons

Macalloy 460/520 bar tendons

Macalloy 460 and Macalloy 520 are bar tendon systems used as tension elements in cable-type structures or as architectural components. They are designed for applications where static loads predominate, such as hangers in arch structures. BBR Poland, as a representative of MACALLOY company, provides a comprehensive range of services related to the product, including design consulting, selection of appropriate tendons, supply, installation, and tensioning.

Macalloy 460/520 bar tendons



Pystem properties Macalloy 460/520:

  • Two complete rod tendon systems: Macalloy 460 (yield strength of 460 MPa) and Macalloy 520 (yield strength of 520 MPa)
  • Full range of tendon sizes from M10 to M100
  • Threads on bars manufactured using rolling technology
  • Ability to apply various corrosion protection systems to steel structures: hot-dip galvanizing, thermal sprayed zinc coatings and painting coatings
  • Possibility of tensioning tendons using hydraulic jacks
  • Systems with enhanced fatigue properties available 

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