Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE)

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE)

Panel Wall is a set of products used to construct reinforced soil retaining structures. The solution is based on the idea of reinforcing the soil using polyester strips or steel grids.

A prefabricated reinforced concrete wall panel or, in temporary applications, a steel mesh, serves as the facing and finishing of the self-supporting reinforced soil block.

Key features of the BBR PANEL WALL reinforced soil system:

  • Two variants available: PANEL WALL with steel reinforcement and PANEL WALL P with polyester reinforcement 
  • Complete solution including soil reinforcement elements, wall panels, and anchoring system for reinforcement within the panels 
  • Compensation for uneven ground settlements (wall panels arranged in non-overlapping columns) 
  • Aesthetic appearance and architectural design versatility 
  • Easy and fast installation due to large panel dimensions and significant spacing between reinforcement levels
  • Structurally resistant to dynamic and static loads 
  • Specialized design allows for optimization of final solutions.
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