MAGEBA modular expansion joints

MAGEBA modular expansion joints

Modular expansion joints by MAGEBA are a modern system of bridging the expansion gaps in bridge structures. The single-module devices, Tensa Grip RS, consist of two edge profiles and a sealing insert. When these devices are installed in newly constructed structures, the profiles are typically anchored to the structure using loop anchors. During renovations, an efficient and fast anchoring method involves filling with Robo Flex polymer concrete.

In the design of multiple-gap expansion joints, Tensa Grip LR, intermediate profiles called lamellas are used in addition to the edge profiles. The lamellas are based on a transverse arrangement, and their spacing is determined by deformable elastomeric elements.

Modular expansion devices offered by BBR Polska are produced under a license from the Swiss company MAGEBA in our own manufacturing facility. This ensures full control over the production process, from planning and design to manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistics. The manufactured expansion devices in Poland are supplied to various international markets, including Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia.


Key features of MAGEBA modular expansion joints:

  • Accommodate movements and rotations in three directions
  • Patented asymmetric and flexible control system for module spacing, ensuring independent operation of each module
  • 100% watertightness
  • ROBO®Slide sliding bearings and springs made of durable sliding material for low friction
  • Easy refurbishment of existing structures using anchoring with Robo Flex polymer concrete
  • Option to equip with noise-reducing surfacing and noise-absorbing mats
  • Upper part of edge profiles and lamellas can be made of stainless steel (known as a true hybrid solution)
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