MAGEBA Finger expansion joints

MAGEBA Finger expansion joints

Finger expansion joints are composed of modules with a characteristic comb-like shape, which are attached to the structure using adhesive or mechanical anchors. Due to the orientation of the joints in the longitudinal direction of traffic, such covering of the expansion gap provides a quiet and comfortable passage. For safety reasons, these devices should not be used on roads where bicycle traffic is allowed. On pedestrian-cyclist paths, the bridge elements should be covered with protective plates.

The sealing of the expansion device is ensured by a drainage channel. It is made of elastic material, appropriately reinforced to withstand prolonged accumulation of contaminants.


Key features of MAGEBA finger expansion joints:

  • High comfort of passage and low noise emission - no transverse gaps 
  • Simple static scheme and design without moving parts 
  • Easy and quick replacement of individual elements due to modular construction and a simple anchoring system 
  • Two available solutions: TENSA FINGER RSFD bridge expansion joints and flexible TENSA FLEX, allowing for optimal selection of the device to specific conditions and customer requirements.
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