Incremental launching of prestressed structures

Incremental launching of prestressed structures

Incremental launching is an economical construction technology used for building concrete bridge structures. The method is particularly suitable for constructing continuous prestressed multi-span bridges. It involves building the superstructure in sections of 15-30 meters in a stationary formwork behind the abutment and pushing the completed portion of the bridge forward using hydraulic jacks and tendons or  a dedicated lift-and-push launching equipment. The segments are constructed as cast-in-situ and then prestressed. The structure moves on temporary sliding bearings. To maintain a low bending moment in the superstructure during construction, a launching nose is attached to the front of the structure.


The key advantages of using this construction methodology over other traditional methods are:

  • Minimal disruptions in environmentally sensitive areas. Requires a smaller construction site area.
  • Enhanced safety during construction, primarily conducted at ground level. 
  • Rapid construction pace.
  • Savings in transportation and overall reduction in construction elements. 
  • Higher quality finishing and efficiency resulting from easier working conditions and task repeatability.
  • Easy access to limited or restricted locations, such as over rivers, deep valleys, road or railway lines, poor soil conditions, or environmentally protected areas. 
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